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Simple PHP Script Simple yet useful bits for web builders.

Custom Website & Web Application Development

Use this form to submit your inquiries about any custom website or web application projects you need done.

Your Website: Your current website that has something to do with this project, so we get an idea of what you already have or where you are going to deploy the application.
Project Requirements: Describe in general what you want us to do for you in this project.
Example Websites: List the URL of some existing websites that have inspired you. You can mark them by numbers so they are easily referenced in the requirements description.
Users and Operations: What are the different types of users (user roles) and operations for each of them in this application?
Visitor - view listings, contact listing owner
Registered user - add, edit, delete listings
Administrator - approve, disapprove, edit, delete listings
License and Price:
  • Developer License grants you full membership access to SPS plus the free custom product.
  • Full Rights License makes you owner of the product, for which you will get a quote from us.
Client Information
  1. Your name or the name of your business / website.

  2. How are we supposed to reach you?

  3. Your website that is related to this project.

Project Description
  1. Describe your needs, what it is that you want to do with the project.

  2. One for each line, list the websites that are similar to what you have in mind.

  3. Different types of users of the application and their operations.

Project Terms

    The license you own of the resulted work.

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    Please answer the question by common sense.